Pia Isabell Hannebohn

Fashion Designer

Bachelor Project

FH Bielefeld // 2015


A collection. In simple terms, it is a collection of individual parts. These parts of a selection are assembled, and their compilation can be seen as a completed entity. The art of collecting and sorting. Both actions deal with tidying up, stowing and eliminating things that interfere with the optical perfection and the overview of the setting. This is a work about bringing order into the unstructuredness of space. It describes the insight of seeing the individual as a whole and the whole as an individual. Caused by the impulse of orientation and simultaneously a game in order to simplify complexity (like life itself). How to find a structure in chaos if the thread’s path is already given? _The process: Back to the start. A disconnection of something into its elements. Each element for itself. The adjustment of the present to form something new. Something deliberately misplaced in order to break an optical boundary to let shapes arise which reinterpret the superficiality of a body. The beginning. The overcome of the chaos.